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I’ve always been a romantic at heart, though I did try to convince myself that I wasn’t for a while, back when I was a newbie writer, back when romance was only considered genre, always spoken like it was a dirty word and not considered REAL writing. At some point in my journey to becoming a novelist, I discovered that though romance might not be what some people consider real writing, romance is what drives everything else, and it’s rare for even the most un-romantic story not to at least give a nod to love and sex.

Instead of genre, I prefer to think of romance as psychology in story form. The more I put pen to paper, the more I believe that Freud was right. In the end, it really IS all about sex. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t. The human animal is designed to live in relationship with other human animals, and that gets messy and complicated. Sometimes there’s chemistry, and sometimes romance happens and sex follows. Then we’re off and running with a story that has all the bells and whistles and all the best things and all the worst things and all the archetypal things that make us human. And all those messy complicated, chemistry-riddled human things ultimately lead down that most convoluted of paths to the much-coveted Happily Ever After we all long for.

Though my alter-ego, K D Grace, writes very steamy erotica, she’s a romantic at heart. And though I happily and unabashedly write romance, I like my romance served hot – very hot, and I do my best to write it just that way.

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